*ography Rules

REAL Rules:

Full resolution pictures can be freely downloaded by players, relatives of players, and fans for non-profit use only.

SmugMug hosts this site and includes options for purchasing photography. I make no money from photography bought through SmugMug, so feel free to download and reprint here, at home, or wherever you like.

To download a photo:

Click on a Gallery thumbnail to open the photo full screen, then click on the download icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

There is also an option at the top of each Gallery to download all photos in that Gallery.

If you’re making money off my pictures or using them in a for-profit endeavor, contact me for legal licensing. If you do not, you are in violation of my copyright of these photos.

If, as a player or parent, you would prefer that I not photograph your(self/offspring), please let me know and I will comply.

Player “Rules”:

Players, please pay attention to the following rules:

In normal games, I generally do not move my camera/video setup between periods. If you are a forward and would like to see photos of your goals, do not score during the second period of any game.

I cannot stress this enough.

I am aware that many “professional” coaches are just focused on which team wins the game. They will tell you it is perfectly acceptable to score during the second period.

It simply is not.

Don’t put yourself in the awkward position of scoring a beauteous goal only to have it disallowed by the photographer because you made the obvious error of scoring when I am not looking.

My own son is forced to eat bologna and sleep overnight in the car anytime he screws up and scores during Period 2.

Also, please try to make an effort not to score at the beginning of a period.

I’m ready when the game starts, but oftentimes I’m very involved with my phone as subsequent periods begin.

If you are unsure, before shooting always make eye contact with your photographer to ensure that I am ready. If you see that I am not, DUMP THE PUCK back to the blue line, or if need be, all the way back to your goalie. Scream YO! so that I will know you are ready to score. This won’t be hard, if you just follow the guidelines.

Your coaches may complain, but if you notice, none of them are taking pictures EVER. They’re all about the “coaching”.

Goalies, I always like to get a shot of you after a great save, handing the puck back to the Referee. It’s a proud moment for everyone.

If you notice that other players have inconsiderately positioned themselves between you and my camera, feel free to take a two-handed slash to clear the lane.

This applies to players in front of you from either team or any Referees.

Go UMass!

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